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Taixiang Vehicle, in a few years ago, was just an insignificant with electric vehicle manufacturing industry, mainly small-scale private enterprises, as enterprises, as well as the accumulation of deepening the spirit of continuous innovation, just a few years, Tai-hsiang enterprises have continuously developing and expanding. Follow a professional manufacture, R & D, production, marketing electric vehicles and peripheral products for the integration of large-scale enterprises in Zhejiang rapid rise along the southeast coast. A more systematic organizational structure, improve, more standardized enterprise operational mechanism, smoother, more systematic internal management system, improve enterprise management capabilities has been the rapid increases in the modern corporate system towards the direction of enterprise development, a big step.

Enterprises to "integrity and quality is enterprise's life" as the credo, with electric vehicle manufacturing, sales as the core, bicycle, spare parts and many other common development of the main line, and quickly enhance regional competitiveness in an effort to fight the brand caused by Tai-hsiang Chinese brand the best, most categories, the network most complete, grow the fastest, strongest, most competitive with regional vehicle production base of large-scale electric vehicle.

Companies in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 quality system implementation of standards, and equipped with automatic vehicle assembly line, the electric car production process leading industry standards, the company produced a small princess series of models is known electric vehicle industry; automated car assembly line greatly reduce the of the work of the staff strength, high efficiency and a corresponding increase in production; to ensure that the Tai-hsiang electric cars first-class quality. After years of development, businesses already have an annual capacity of 300,000 vehicle production capacity.

The company has CAD / CAM computer-aided design of products research and development room, vehicle technology development center, vehicle quality inspection centers and other professional departments, in the "creative, careful validation; continuous improvement, eternal leader" and the guidance of scientific concept of , emerged advanced facilities, processes a complete R & D, detection system, for the Taiwan Aerospace continues to introduce new products, provide a strong support.

At present, the company's sales network in major cities throughout the country, the brand covering the whole country 80% of the area, the brand has reached more than 200 sales outlets, but also with the supporting businesses across the country have established a good cooperative win-win relationships; logistics and distribution strictly enforce the ISO9002 standard, zero - accessories centralized purchasing, and information integration management for our timely and effective delivery has provided a guarantee to secure for downstream customers complete, smooth, accurate, safe and economical logistics services. Now companies are expanding retail outlets, improve their marketing shop service levels and accelerate store brand service network construction, and strive to provide customers with quality and cheap products, they will be Tai-hsiang electric vehicles deliver a quality service to consumers persons.
Taihao Vehicle
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